| How to Apply

Read the Information Memorandum

Read the Information Memorandum

Download and complete the Information Memorandum.


Ensure you qualify as a Wholesale Investor

Ensure you qualify as a Wholesale Investor

Click here to find out how you qualify.


Sign and post the Application Form

Sign and post the Application Form

Print and sign the completed digital form and send BY POST to Mainstream Fund Services (address is on the form) with your required certified documentation.


Ensure that you apply on time

Ensure that you apply on time

Payment must be received by Mainstream by 2pm on the last business day of the month.  Your confirmation statement will confirm the unit price you received for your application.



How do I add to my existing investment?

By completing an Additional Application Form. 

The minimum additional investment is $25,000

How do I make a withdrawal?

By completing a Withdrawal Form.

The minimum withdrawal request is $25,000.

Will there be distributions?

The Fund aims to distribute to investors annually in June, with the payment expected to be made within six weeks after 30 June.

Dividends will generally be reinvested in the Fund unless you instruct otherwise.

Will I receive regular updates from the fund?

Yes, if you have subscribed to our website or become an investor, you will automatically receive our Monthly Update which is generally sent in the first week of each month.

What is the minimum investment?

$100,000 (unless otherwise agreed by the Manager).

When I can expect my application confirmation?

The confirmation statements are usually sent within the first 4 business days of the next month.

When are the units in the fund issued?

Units will be issued on the last Business Day of that month at the Issue Price.

Who can I ask for help with the Application Form?

Please call Mary-Ann at 1851 Capital on 02 9060 6606 or email: mbaldock@1851capital.com.au